Communion is imperative.

Nothing of the past held onto.
No pictures, images, or thoughts lingering.
Blank mind.
Each moment met with fresh, undying eyes.
The “I” is a fictitious entity.
When the observer is the observed,
There is no space in between.
One is not separate from the physical or psychological pain.
Only when one verbalizes their discomfort is the fictitious entity created.
When one can mute those voices and delete those pictures by coming to understand them,
Communion with oneself and outer relationships will be complete.
Enlightenment doesn’t mean one lives a life without problems.
It’s just the rapidity of problem resolution is greatly enhanced.
Wisdom climbs the more space there is in the mind!
The prophet is forever clearing obstacles.
They realize the mind can never be entirely spacious–
Always room to grow!
Put the right foot forward towards prophethood,
And feel the joy and blessing of communion!

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