The Awakened Mind…

Mental network dissolved;

Burgeoning eyes awake!

Nothing in the memory bank–

No “this is mine,”
Or, “yesterday was better.”
Every moment treated with sameness.
Each microscopic moment has its own beauty.
There is love only when we are free of patterns, conformity.
A blank mind is the best mind.
Like a sponge that can penetrate deep.
A blank mind has no petty concerns;
Concerns are solely on social and environmental welfare.
Each footprint can be seen on a spectrum of effectiveness.
But the Awakened Soul never does anything unjust.
It’s just that the “effectiveness of time served” can be improved upon indefinitely.
Nobody is fully enlightened!
We are all endless wanderers!
The puzzle pieces of life never stop coming.
By absolving the mind the puzzle pieces cause you less and less worry.
No worries, life is splendid!

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