The Life of Peace and Ease….

The “me” and the “not me” are indivisible.

The “observer” and “observed” are one.
Images, greed, ambitiousness, anger, condemnation, sorrow, flattery–
Are no different in others, as in yourself.
Each intimation must be dealt with swiftly!
Ever-widening the space between synapses.
Understanding the pursuit of silence has no end.
Not even a prophet, is a prophet at all times.
One must continually redirect oneself.
The path to truth is a wandering trek.
No book, nor enlightened teacher can set you on a course to truth.
There are no directions; one must travel alone.
The realization one comes to:
Each moment must be received in all its newness.
And that requires an absence of thought.
Analysis of the “inner” and “outer” must be nonexistent.
Just be present with “what is” without trying to change things.
An energy will awaken in oneself and around oneself.
Life will become dynamic, rather than static.
Our aim should be to assist, without leaving a trace.
Always moving on, immediately!
Assist and retreat: the life of peace and ease!

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