The Shaping of a Genius….

What is genius?

Today, people who are erudite and have a lot of knowledge,
Are said to have awakened their mind.
But, knowledge never leads to genius.
Genius comes from imagination, creation, and silence.
Silence being the pinnacle of genius.
To be completely still, with no thoughts; causing no outer disturbance.
Knowledge is static;
Creativity is dynamic!
Dynamism is the key component to genius.
Life and death are one.
With death, there is new life.
Nothing held onto!
A genius has no psychological scars or flattering images of oneself;
They only use factual memory when needed.
It’s an endless journey to spend less time implementing factual memory,
And more time in silent meditation.
But the “inner” smile grows deeper and deeper,
The more one progresses on the chase towards infinity.
Begin your chase towards the infinite,
And step into the miraculous world of a genius!

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