Touching Infinity….

God, the Immeasurable, the Unknown are expanding.

Imagine the possibilities if we commune with that infinite energy over a lifetime.

Communion for most of us comes and goes.

Some moments are received in complete silence,

While in other moments, “problems” soil the mind and make it heavy.

Life has a limitless learning curve.

That’s what makes life so enjoyable–

There is no end!

One can always deal with problems more efficiently and effectively.

Prophets peel problems layer by layer–

not looking for an answer.

They are interested in the process.

So, they are “tripped up” by nothing–

Remaining in a meditative state in their relational activities.

The teachers need to be just as much disciples,

As the disciples themselves.

One needs to understand their own nature.

Books, gurus, and belief will not liberate the soul.

Dependency on those things causes an up and down existence.

When that dependency is taken away,

We feel a depression.

Is it possible to completely dissolve the barriers of the mind?

Or, will there always be a trace of the ego?

By silently observing the facts of who one is–

The greed, envy, ambitiousness, competitiveness, jealousy, etc.–

The doors of liberation are unveiled.

Then comes communion.

When there is absolutely no thought,

One is in communion with the infinite energy.

But as soon as a thought enters the fray,

The mind is pulled from the heavenly state.

Each problem is new.

There is no such thing as being experienced before.

With this newness comes many variables one needs to attend to.

With those many variables,

Even the most serene, enlightened individuals may “trip up” on a problem..

Where they will use knowledge instead of wisdom.

Knowledge is thought,

And with thought,

There is no silence–

Thus, the infinite energy is not realized.

But there is such a thing as right thinking–

Thinking about “factual” knowledge (directions to someplace),

Rather than “psychological” knowledge (I must be something greater).

The Enlightened being can use the factual knowledge and drop it;

Not letting it linger on in the mind.

So, in my eyes, it is impossible to stay with the infinite energy endlessly.

There will always be hiccups (where knowledge is needed) along the way.

Wisdom, unlike knowledge, the mind is silent throughout,

And the answer comes to one immediately.

So, God, the Immeasurable is not a stagnant Godhead;

It is ever-increasing energy.

Our mission is to be in communion with that infinite energy throughout life.

The space between thoughts (silence),

Can be stretched limitlessly.

The greater the space,

The wider one’s “influential circle of love”.

So, know thyself and the world’s splendors will open.

The senses will awaken and you shall know peace and love.

Sow the seed of goodness,

And the Immeasurable will come unexpectedly.

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