Truth: A Pathless Trek

There is no path to truth.
It is a meander with no end in sight.
The undulations of spirit and emotion get less and less through understanding.
The epiphany moments get deeper and deeper the more space there is
between thoughts.
Pure contemplative silence is needed when one isn’t in relationship.
Discipline, conformity, and authority are not ways to truth.
They involve a method, with an end in sight.
Like a marketable good– pay this, in order to get that.
Subjugate one’s desires, in order to derive happiness.
But God, truth, the immeasurable can not be experienced so easily.
By battling with our desires,
We “burn” inside and become inattentive to the outside environment.
We are not fully present–which causes conflict.
We need to be attentive to “who we are” currently, instead of focusing
on “what we shall become” in the future if we put in the effort.
For example, “one is greed” is a fact; “non-greed” is not factual.
So, one must understand the causation of greed,
And let it dissolve through silent observation.
There is no forecasting, no end in view with silence.
Things that happen “just are”.
And one isn’t doing something, in order to gain happiness.
There are no motives, no goals.
Mind without measure is possible:
Experience it!
Step over to the other side, and there will be no looking back.


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