Looking for Creative Writers/Graphic Artists

I am starting an online magazine.  The categories will be established
based on writer/graphic artist submissions (writers/graphic artists
will either select a category/categories from a list or they would
create a brand new category).  Initially, writers/graphic artists
would be paid from the advertising revenue– but eventually once there
is sufficient material and it’s proven to be of high quality, the
readers will have to pay a subscription fee.  And the fee will be
progressive over the years based on the material getting more and more
quantitative and qualitative–thus, writers/graphic artists income will grow year after year.  The writers/graphic artists will get paid based on two factors:  their “reader rating” and number of views.  Eventually, when the website gets big enough I plan on creating
divisions:  For instance, A (kids), AA (teens), AAA (adults), Majors
(professional).  Lets say, if your material scores an average rating
of 9 or above, and if you get “x” number of views you move up a level.  I envision a “google-like” search engine that finds submissions the readers are interested in.  Anyways, I am looking for fellow creative writers/graphic artists to join me on this venture.  Let me know if you have any interest.


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