The Observer….

The thinker is the thought.
The observer is the observed.
The experiencer is the experienced.
No super-consciousness, no “I”;
No space in between–
For, there is an immeasurable space without borders.
When one observes a tree,
The memories of yesterday’s tree are dropped,
And a verbal description loses its significance–
One simply is aware of “what is” without explanation.
Each moment fully absorbed,
And then dropped without leaving a trace.
Always in the present moment.
No ideals, beliefs, or conclusions.
Projecting into the future causes conflict
Because one is distracted away from the offerings of the present.
The present needs to be fully engaged for there to be no conflict.
So, the question is:
Does one have the capacity to end thought?
That is the only way to synchronize the observer and the observed.
By negating the false,
One comes upon the true (silence).
So, by starting near, one goes very far.
One must observe the violence within oneself,
And not set out to change the violence over time through the ideal of
The violence is factual;
“Non-violence” is non-factual.
So, one needs to break the habit of looking outward.
“Psychological time” needs to be blanked.
“I will become” needs to end.
One must be in a state of non-becoming.
Without ambition, without greed, without jealousy, without envy.
One “just is”.
With the observation of those traits–
Looking with extraordinary detail–
The “bad” behavior just fizzles out.
One comes to an understanding,
And that understanding is received in an impenetrable silence.
Each and everyone of us has the potential to find that silence..
The ego must die.
Death while you are living.
Everything one has known must die.
Images–may they be the last day, the last 10 years, or the last 50 years–
All of that needs to be wiped clean.
One must see another like it’s their first encounter.
Why do we accept suffering?
There is another way of living.
Find it.


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