Dissolving the “I”….

Oh, the barbarity of the world!
The killing; the slandering.
And we think it can be solved by our petty minds.
We rely on ideas, governments, and organizations.
Dead information can’t be used to meet the “new”.
The “outer” can only be changed with an inner transformation.
Our thought process has created this mess.
And a revision to the old pattern isn’t the solution.
Wisdom speaks: each moment is new;
Therefore, the moment must be met with a blank slate.
The “I” must be completely dissolved,
So one can meet reality head on.
No more image-maker.
Just simple awareness, where nothing is retained.
One simply follows the “outer” roller coaster non-judgmentally.
And with that steadfast approach, the “outer” environment is soothed.
The barbarity of the world is diminished.
So, don’t focus on what alterations the world needs;
Instead, focus on oneself.
Remember: we have created the worldly mess!
We are the world.
No utopian ideal will solve the world crisis;
Only a radical inward transformation will do the trick.
Enlightenment is not in the distance,
It’s right in front of one’s nose!
Receive the blessing!


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