An Otherness….

One is never truly in a real relationship.
Unhinged by mental enemies.
Two people meet each other,
As two parallel lines that never intersect.
Having no memories, no ambitions, no anxieties, etc.
Self-concern completely shut off.
One sees an “otherness”.
This “otherness” is beauty; is love.
In that moment, there is an intersection in relationship.
This intersection is a moment of immensity.
It can alter the fabric of society.
One, in relationship, must observe the outer, and work inwards.
Through understanding the “outer”, one begins to understand oneself.
The self must be understood and dissolved.
Only by simple awareness, without thinking and imagery,
Of one’s conscious and unconscious thoughts,
Can one awaken the heightened state of mind.
The conscious thoughts understood first;
Then one can move on to the unconscious impressions.
But the journey never stops.
The problems are ever-new.
The enlightened mind doesn’t let finding an answer to the problem consume them.
They are more interested in the search, rather than the final solution.
For, there are no final solutions.
So intersect!
And feel the energy permeate a certain space.
And that “outer” space can get vaster and vaster based on the progress
in our self-knowledge.
Self-knowledge is never finite.
It is ever-changing.
To say “I know” or “I am enlightened”
Is a misstatement because we are incapable of fully capturing a moment–
The infinite can’t be captured.
Our capacities rise and fall based on our daily activities.
So, all the saints and prophets were at certain levels–
But they weren’t “fully” enlightened.
The climb to “goodness”; virtue; humility is never-ending.
Start your ascension and let the petty little “ego” fizzle out!


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