The Image….

The thinker creates the image;
The “I” that encircles the unenlightened mind.
Titles, jealousies, conclusions, etc. possess the mind.
Both oneself and the other are given images by thought.
One can’t be in a communal relationship,
Unless one is free of all thoughts and images.
The “old” (thought) can never meet the “new” fully.
So, one must always be attentive.
Never verbalizing the everyday moments.
But simply being there,
And letting each moment completely pass by.
No imprints; no residue on the mind.
No dreaming the moment was something else; something more exciting.
Content with what is.
And with that contentment, there is a radical transformation.
Pure observational silence.
One has experienced the enlightened state.
Where there is no more hurt; nor illusion.
This state of mind is not far off,
One just has to be courageous enough to take the first step.
Go on, take the step, and embark on a joy-filled adventure!


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