The Path of Right Education….

Why is math, science and technology pushed on the child at a young age?
Shouldn’t one understand oneself before one delves into those areas?
For, if oneself is understood, the sciences can be learned efficiently
and effectively.
But without an understanding of oneself, learning those disciplines is a chore.
Effortless or full of effort?
So, one must have a firm foundation in Philosophy and the Liberal Arts first;
And once one has a firm foundation, then move on to the sciences.
How will a student know their interests without knowing themselves?
We are embarking on a world of volatility.
If we can be attentive to that volatility,
And not try to change anything about it–
Then that explosion comes.
That moment of silence; that magical splendor.
In the near future there will be less people entering the fields of
math and science.
The number of hours spent working on those problems will be greatly reduced.
For, we are on the cusp of a revolution!
Our economy is going to be halted to a fraction,
And we are going to start living.
We are going to start observing our lives
And rooting out our ego.
Our heightened wage will allow us to work fewer hours.
And instead of just working for one company,
One will be able to split their time with several organizations.
So their interest will never wane.
This will make the economy more vibrant.
It’s crucial we learn how to mindfully; creatively live.
Oh, the blessings to come,
If only we were more diligent in our observations.
Truth is right here and now,
We just need to be present enough to receive.
Through presence, there is a benediction.
And that benediction is peace; is joy.
Totally without want and need, the indescribable touches one.
The new society is fast approaching;
Drop all “old” thought and observe in silence.
Be a revolutionary; an original.
And one will worry no more.
Make a move in that direction, today.


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