Not Knowing….

The key to enlightenment is:
To be able to exclaim, “I don’t know”.
To make that statement means one’s on a learning process.
For there is no end state;
No complete knowledge–
Both self and outer knowledge.
Oh, the void one “sees” when learning–
Wide open, spacious!
Learning is constant movement,
Not the gathering of information.
The enlightened mind never makes any conclusions.
Life is an ongoing narrative,
Where no two moments are the same.
The “new” is received, and dropped.
No “outer” knowledge is used when meeting the “new,”
Except when it is vital.
No grudges, no good impressions.
One is a blank slate.
To say, “I don’t know” fosters enlightenment;
Whereas to say “I know” generates stupidity.
To say “I know” puts a halt on any additional learning.
To make that statement brings instability.
To have an “all-knowing” air about oneself brings conflict when confronted with relationship.
One knows nothing about the next moment.
One who says “I know”,
Believes intellect and reason are the path that leads to liberation.
The “old” can never meet the “new” fully.
The enlightened mind quells all thought–
Petty and grand.
The enlightened mind understands one can’t fathom “true stability”;
And that light-hearted wisdom in return creates stability.
To be stable, the unconscious must take over.
Our conscious mind must be dealt with swiftly;
Eliminated completely.
Our jealousies, our sense of “I” must be no more.
No thinker, no center.
Then one can observe and discard thoughts and symbols that fire from
the unconscious.
When one is living a life without a center, there is spontaneity.
Each moment is unique; new.
Life is no longer a reaction based on conditioning.
It is now living that is uninfluenced by culture–
It is pure action.
And when the enlightened mind sees fit, non-action.
A moment of non-action can send ripples into society.
By not conforming, society can see itself anew from the one.
It is a benediction!
So, when will one understand the statement, “I don’t know”.
The understanding is powerful.
A deeper and deeper understanding is always possible.
Get off the beach and into the waters.
Experience the deep without the “I”.
Oh, the beauty one will see,
If only one will put their feet in the water!


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