Living and Dying….

By understanding death,
One comes to life.
Dying to the memories, titles, property;
Everything that encircles the “I”–
The conscious mind.
One then comes to truth, love.
No dialogue, just simple observance.
The mind totally blank when receiving the “new”.
This love has boundless energy.
It can alter the fabric of society.
So, how is one to get rid of these images?
One must observe and stay with them–
No escaping.
And most important–no judgements, conclusions.
A mind made fresh by emptiness will know aloneness;
And will be in a state of innocence.
No thoughts or images causing a reaction.
Never hurt, therefore one doesn’t hurt another.
The enlightened mind’s action or non-action
Comes from a state of complete independence.
Absolutely no influence!
Always acting outside of culture;
And in so doing, the fabric transmutes around oneself.
Living and dying must become synchronous!
The moment one dies,
There is life.
That is a profound realization.
A realization that gives clarity.
This mindset is simple,
If we can just observe our intellectual process.
Not be in constant pursuit to become a great businessman, politician, or writer–
Just staying with our thoughts until they wash away.
This cleansing doesn’t take time–
The insight vanquishes all worry,
And thus violence–
In an instant.
“Seeing” rather than deducing.
This mindset can be learned by anyone.
Anybody has the ability to reach enlightenment.
So, when is one going to start learning about oneself?
The time is now, not tomorrow!


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