An Explosiveness of Energy….

Can one not think while alone?
Be in an empty, meditative state.
No “I” hovering above;
Clouding perception.
Our petty thinking creates loneliness.
We do not know what it is to be truly alone.
Not holding onto the past;
Uninfluenced by one’s own thoughts
And the words of another–
One will come upon this aloneness.
Where there is a vulnerability–
And because of it, an explosiveness.
An explosiveness of energy, of spirit.
The “I” can only be understood,
if we are diligent in our observance.
Never taking a moment off!
Moment-by-moment awareness, without dialogue.
Never wanting to be something greater.
Content with “what is”.
But with that contentment;
Immensity shines through.
It comes to us;
One does’t pursue the nameless.
For, through pursuit, you are not fully engaged in the moment.
World peace can not come through some grand vision,
Although the religions and government say otherwise.
Only by understanding our relationship with people, animals, things, and ideas,
Can we bring about peace within ourselves;
And thereby spread that love to society.
There are no gurus that can unlock the door;
One must encounter the obstacles to entry by themselves.
All thought must be observed and silenced!
And then one’s need for using another,
For one’s own paychological gratification, will end.
Relationship will have pizzazz!
There will finally be communion.
No end in sight;
Just ever-present.
Each word absorbed and then dropped,
Each sound, taste, and smell cherished and then terminated;
Nobody home,
Yet incredibly vibrant.
An empty shell!
So, the mind no longer “needs” to be be fulfilled,
In order to refrain from having lonely thoughts creep in.
The enlightened mind is content with activity and no activity.
In action, one is forever solving the problem of relationship;
But never seeking solutions;
Instead, letting the problem unravel itself.
For the problem is dynamic, not static.
In non-action, the past is wiped completely clean–
Thereby, the thinker is absent.
A moment of non-action is pure-form mental therapy.
So, one must know how to spend a moment in solitude.
Without self-knowledge, one will forever be in conflict and misery.
Get out of the boiling pot and come to safety!


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