Observation of conduct,


Is crucial in order to be in touch with reality.

A reality that changes each moment.

We are not fixed entities,

Although our degrees, property, and reputation,

Give us that impression.

We are dynamic, and ever-changing.

Everything needs to be dropped immediately.

Nothing held onto in the memory banks!

Our wants, desires, ambitions, ideals, beliefs,

Must be understood and squashed;

For the bloom, ripening to occur.

Then, one will freely be able to observe one’s conduct.

No more projecting, forecasting.

God will be right ahead of your nose;

Instead of being an outward phenomenon (a “projection”).

Immediately present, ready to receive.

No more seeking;

Simply passively aware.

In relationship each moment has conflict.

The more enlightened one is,

The more rapid one is able to resolve conflict.

But the key is:

Don’t hold onto the memory once resolved.

Move onward,

Good or bad, praise or criticism;

All of it needs to be received in the same glowing attitude;

And then dropped, discarded the very next moment.

It is the only way to receive the “new”;

Receive reality afresh each and every time.

Then, the barriers of isolation come tumbling down.

The “thinker” goes to the wayside;

Except in times when it is essential.

And because it is used less frequently–

The mind is much sharper when it is needed.

So, be an open book.

Uninfluenced by environment,

Always creating “newness” around oneself.

But don’t do all this in order to be happier; more joyful–

do it because it is the right way to live, the least messy.

Living this way does give one more joy, but one need not have a motive.

Motives get in the way of reception.

The “projection” towards a future date,

Gets in the way of being in touch with the “now”.

So, when is one going to start living?

The world is falling apart;

At the brink of annihilation;

And we are the only ones who can save it.

We are the world.

Because one is violent, the world is violent.

Governments, organized religions can’t save us!

The only thing that can be done is to understand oneself.

And in doing so, a lightness–that will shine for miles,

Or even light years–transmits.

So, take that step into the unknown,

And you will never look back!



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