A Burning Question….

One must cast away the desire “to be”.
Idealism sacrifices the observation of “now”,
For some future date..
Having a wishful mindset is a violent midset.
For instance, pursuing non-violence is violent.
Only by wholly observing the moment, with no preconceived beliefs or ideas,
Can one truly be non-violent.
The path is arduous,
But, oh so rewarding!
Without objectives, without motives,
The mind will finally “see” reality.
Where there are no permanent solutions;
Only a burning question.
The flame must never flicker out.
And it must remain a pure flame!
The “I” must not continue,
But die each moment,
For there to be a flame without smoke.
And with this flame,
The eternal is awaiting– smiling!
You can’t seek the eternal;
But when the “ground” is right,
It is there uninvited.
An uninvited guest one gives a nod to, a smile to;
But refrains from any superfluous words.
The flame burns with such keen awareness.
No discomfort, no pain.
Each moment treated the same;
With the same loving eyes.
Love exudes; fear nonexistent.
The mind must be silent for this love to creep in.
May the eternal sweep one off their feet;
And one will worry no more!


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