Oscillation of Strings….

Can one fathom the infinite?
Our observation can get sharper and sharper.
To the size of an atom and beyond.
The atom breaks down further,
Where the particle looks like a curved string (“super-string”).
Traversing the spatial realm.
Where it represents the macro meeting the micro.
Our consciousness is not separate.
We are the world.
When we really “see” the validity of that statement,
We will be able to jump consciousness.
Show others what “true living” looks like.
The oscillations of the strings in one’s mind get less and less
through enlightenment.
But the strings can never be totally straight.
There is no such thing as total understanding.
When one has straightened their strings,
A new culture is awakened around them.
So, watch those petty little thoughts,
And the heart emerges victorious!


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