Awakening of the Heart….

The thoughts of the mind must be negated,
In order to find the treasures of the heart.
One must realize images, beliefs, symbols are not real.
Reality is right ahead of your nose!
Reality changes every moment!
Living and dying must become a joint phenomenon.
Dying to everything you know,
Will provide unspeakable beauty in one’s life.
Currently, one is jealous, envious, comparative, condemning.
One must observe with precision, without naming,
These states of minds in oneself.
And out of that intense observation,
Those feelings curtail.
Simple, pure observation.
But remember, the progression of clarity has no end.
Self-knowledge is a limitless discipline.
The mind, cleansed of its pettiness,
Sees the indescribable.
Oh, the beauty! Oh, the wonder!


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