Ebbing of thoughts….

Loneliness must dissipate,

For love and innocence to blossom.

Loneliness is the result of thinking.

Without thought, there is no thinker.

Without thought, it’s simply pure observation.

Have you ever been in touch with something beautiful?

No comparison, no words–

Just to look!

The clarity of this beauty has no limits in potential.

The mind can be understood more clearly each moment.

There is no such thing as enlightenment as an end product.

There will always be thoughts that enter the mind;

It’s just a matter of ebbing the frequency of those thoughts.

The mind must have space.

When one is able to observe beauty through attentiveness,

One comes upon innocence.

To be innocent means you are incapable of being hurt psychologically,

And because one is free of hurts, one doesn’t hurt another.

When one is attentive; jealousy, comparison, envy, condemnation are

all understood and resolved.

One is no longer influenced by culture.

Instead, a buoyancy of spirit transforms the culture around oneself.

Always focused on the new;

Discarding the old.

The radius of one’s love has no limits.

The universe is infinite–there is no stopping one’s influence.

Every being can realize the ultimate truth.

Where there is peace in every step.

Attention. Attention. Attention.

Dissolve those barriers, and start living!


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