Silencing the Chatter….

The chattering of the mind is relentless.
Nothing truly “seen” because we compare moments.
We are absorbed without thought for a moment;
Like when we see a picturesque sunrise.
But that moment does not last.
When that moment is over,
We say, “I wish I could have more of that.”
Or, “That wasn’t as good as the other day.”
So, what is one to do?
Choiceless, wordless awareness.
When you term something, it loses vitality.
The word is never the real.
The description is not the described.
Just simple observation, of your own inner voices,
And the outside environment will quell the mind and unleash the heart.
The silencing of the voices will bring about a nondiscriminatory,
compassionate mindset.
Where there is no effort involved in dealing with all situations, thus
a relaxed state is maintained throughout.
The enlightened mind is never bored or scared.
They keep their eyes fixated on the inner happenings,
And their discomfort withers away.
So, watch your thoughts, and pain and discomfort will fade away.
Lead the life Jesus, Buddha, and all the prophets laid out.
Selfless, and heart-filled!
May the roller coaster come to a screeching halt!


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