The Peace Train….

What kind of marvels will be seen when there is world peace?

I imagine that medical care will be primarily non-invasive.

And there is no such thing as world peace as an end product.

Each one of us is on a lifelong journey;

Our spirits rising and falling moment by moment.

So medical care, as with all disciplines, will improve ad infinitum.

So, why will medicine become much more non-invasive?

It is my belief, with a peaceful mindset, people will start performing

miracles on themselves.

Imagine, by the power of the heart and mind, and the touch of your hand,

You cure a cancerous tumor growing inside of you..

Economic justice is what will be most astounding.

A “Bottom-Up” revolution where all employees are fairly compensated

for their production measures and quality of work.

Pay being entirely variable– no longer a fixed wage.

That is how an organization becomes a revenue-based company.

Allowing the lower level employees to be “knowledge” and “creative” workers,

Instead of “data” workers.

When will there be the rise of the revenue-based companies?

Right now, cost-focused companies dominate.

Being cost-focused means you are striving for mediocrity.

Being revenue-based means you are striving for immortality.

The tides are a shifting!

The rise of the prophets is fast-approaching!

When that day comes,

“Oh, what a wonderful world it will be!”

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