Like an Eagle….

The enlightened mind soars like an eagle above the stream,
Always keeping a keen eye on the happenings below,
Yet free from the hustle and bustle.
So my message to you:
Get out of the stream!
The lightness one feels in the open air is intoxicating.
Solitude is liberating.
Insights with no end flood the mind.
Spirit and mind have infinite growth capability.
Isn’t that incredible?
We imagine our next universe.
Why wait until our next life?  How about now?
Quantum traveling.
Travel to war-torn worlds and lend a helping hand,
Or travel to an idyllic world you designed.
So, the question is:
How do I quantum travel?
On one’s ascending spiritual growth,
One comes to an ever-deepening realization of self-knowledge.
The primary realization is that each moment is new.
Another important realization is that there’s no such thing as
complete knowledge about a moment.
Once one is firmly rooted in this knowledge, thus silence,
it is my belief there will come a point in time where you will be able
to direct your consciousness through the fabric of space.
Science-fiction is reality!
Onwards to self-knowledge!
Onwards to momentary discoveries!


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