Behold the truth:
sorrow can be extinguished!
Attachment, jealousy, greed, and ambition all have to be observed and
Once seen, passion arises.
Passion for everyday living.
Where there is a death to each moment.
Each moment is fully captured, but spit out immediately;
Keeping nothing in the memory banks.
No need for our psyche to be influenced by insults nor praises.
The mind is a blank slate entering each moment.
There is complete silence;
Thought is no longer operating.
This is the state of One who loves.
With love, comes right thinking;
But thinking, is not the avenue towards love.
It’s a love without attachment.
You don’t love one, you love all beings equally–unconditionally.
No matter the hurts they inflict upon you; your response is radiant and warming.
Loving-kindness transforms the world.
No need for violence to implement change, love spreads like wildfire.
There are no limits to love;
Both social and technological impact grow exponentially,
Based on the quality of the mind of each worldly citizen.
When is this wave of love going to sweep the world?
The corporate stranglehold and endless wars must stop!
It has got to be a “bottom-up” revolution.
We have got to get it in our heads that being worthy isn’t about possessions;
Rather, expressing love towards the global good.
I firmly believe we’re on the cusp of such a revolution!
Join me on a venture towards Buddhahood.

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