Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award

Inspired Freelancing has been nominated for an ABC Award via IndyTony.  The terms of acceptance are to write something relevant about our bloggers for every letter of the alphabet, and to nominate others (see below).

A – Agricultural

B – Broke

C – Candid

D – Determined

E – Evolving

F – Frank

G – Gratitude

H – Heaven

I – I & I

J – Jah

K – Kinetics

L – Lilliputians

M – Martians

N – Neophytes

O – Ostracized

P – Pronounced

Q – Quite Quiet

R – Rasta

S – Sacred

T – Tri

U – Unwound

V – Visionary

W – Wry

X – eXtraordinary

Y – Yonder

Z – Zion



Cristian Mihai  


Eye Speak

Quite Alone

Live to Write, Write to Live

For the Trees


Midnight Raver

Bafl ‘s Arena

Ras Shiloh ShiHigh




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