Look to the Mountain Tops

Words fail to describe idyllic beauty.
The word beautiful negates its pure essence.
Totality, yet emptiness…
Is beautiful within itself.
Judgment strips a moment of vitality.

Language deadens senses.
“Learned we’ve become!”
Tunnels of illusion with no end,
Yet still we glimpse truth…
Eternal bliss.

Words and rigidity,
Acquiescence to authoritative regime,
Corporations and laws perpetuate atrocities.
A wicked box harbors
Our dimension: eternally?

Pockets of utopia throughout space and time,
Can our collective mind stretch that far?
The moons, sun, and stars…
Aptitude betrays spirit,
Humility at stake is immense.

In an infinite ocean we reside;
Heart forming a bottomless reservoir.
Mind recognizing few mysteries…
Seldom discerning subtleties.
Humans omnipresent?

“Your words lack wisdom, and are…
Impossible dreams,” say they.
But Secrets of the East set you free,
Mystics sit high atop those mountains.
They bring light to our dimension.

Mysticism: an art with few masters?
Silence of mind enabling energy and awareness.
Intricacies of consciousness stretch wide and far…
Pleasure, pain, boredom,
Seen with eternal, glowing eyes.

“Attention all passengers…
Do not escape into mindless pleasures!”
Consumed with technology,
Lost from inner awareness.

Children produced and manufactured,
Psychological health neglected….
Almighty Dollar or Euro,
Dreams extinguished,
Bourgeois, defeated, disheartened..

Corruption haunts, yet failing in action are we….
Ego offers delusion,
Demanding outer experiences fall in line.
A golden key comes in accepting each moment…
With unconditional attentiveness.

Mindfulness: depths unknown,
Utopia: an internal creation,
Tranquil: though outer noise,
Heaven: exists within,
Only in the – NOW!

Plunging into heart’s mysteries,
Wisdom and love bring serenity,
Shell maintains no importance,
Our mind, one with the Universe,
Attentive and practical.

Standing tall as death draws near,
Death: at each moment.
Time deserves no attention,
Awaken and live…
Immense space captivating senses

“The first step is the last step, my friend.
Crossover, and then observers we are…
Enjoying a fanciful show of existence.
What a splendid theatre life becomes,
When viewed from afar,
Splendid, yes indeed!”

One Comment Add yours

  1. matthewriter says:

    It’s Splendid Indeed! Well said Joel…

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