Look to the Mountain Tops

Words fail to describe idyllic beauty. The word beautiful negates its pure essence. Totality, yet emptiness… Is beautiful within itself. Judgment strips a moment of vitality. Language deadens senses. “Learned we’ve become!” Tunnels of illusion with no end, Yet still we glimpse truth… Eternal bliss. Words and rigidity, Acquiescence to authoritative regime, Corporations and laws…


Kinky Friedman –Roadkill “Then one fine day on a deserted beach somewhere on Jalapa just off the coast of Mazatlan, I found myself walking and talking with another Jewboy. A Minnesota Jewboy. It was a warm, tropical day but he kept his black leather jacket on the whole time. Maybe he felt a cold chill…

Built to Last

“Don’t waste your breath to save your face When you have done your best And even more is asked of you Fate will decide the rest…” Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia –Built to Last

Royal Dragons

“Being a witch, a magician, a vampire, a fairy or a royal dragon is not something that can be bestowed through rites of initiation or by adopting the pose. Such beings are of a different race, a race into which they are born. It is not a club that people can join and there are…

Woody Guthrie

“Just watch this river and pretty soon Ever’body’s goin’ to be changin’ their tune. The big Grand Coulee and Bonneville Dam Run a thousand factories for Uncle Sam. An’ ever’body else in the world Makin’ ever’thing from sewing machines to fertilizer Atomic bedrooms!… Plastic! Everything’s gonna be made out of plastic!” Woody Guthrie, –Talking Columbia